Children and Youth Ministry Update from Kelsey Creech, Resident Seminarian

April 16th,2021 Categories: Latest News

Last week, our children read about Jesus’ appearance to the disciples on Easter Sunday.

At 10 AM, our older students met to read John 20:19-31. We talked about Jesus’ first appearance and considered why Thomas may have doubted the disciple’s testimony that he was alive. We talked about why Jesus greeted the disciples with peace and found ourselves pondering what the Bible tells us about heaven.

At 10:30 AM, our younger children read the end of “Jesus Comes Back” which tells the story of Jesus’ appearance to the disciples and how he sends them to tell others of his love and forgiveness and to remember that he is with them always. As always, we prayed, sang, and said goodbye with a blessing.

This week, our older students will follow up our conversation from last week by looking into some of what the Bible tells us about heaven, and our younger students will read “Reflecting God’s Love” from Tiny Truths Wonder & Wisdom.

It was a treat to preach for you all last Sunday, and I’m looking forward to more time together going forward!

Joyfully yours,
Kelsey Creech, Resident Seminarian

(Illustration from Page 49 of the Tiny Truths Wonder & Wisdom)