Children and Youth Ministry Update by The Rev. Francesca Fortunato

May 16th,2019 Categories: Latest News

Dear Park People,

On Sunday May 12th, The Park Sunday school children read John 21: 9-14, in which Jesus shares a breakfast of fish (which Jesus’ miracle helped them catch) with the disciples. We discussed the ways that God provides for our bodily needs, especially the food that we eat. The children and adults also compared experiences of saying Grace at meals, and the various ways that people can do that, as well as the reasons why. For their creative response, the children wrote a collaborative meal-time prayer, to say together before eating their snack (not only on May 12th, but for future snack-times!) They included thanks to God for good things to eat and drink, the people who grew/prepared them, the pleasure of eating, and the joy of having friends with whom to share their meals.

On Sunday May 19th, the children will read John 10:24-29, and discuss the metaphor of the shepherd, which Jesus uses as a way to describe how God takes care of people and protects them. We will also consider the idea of the sheep “knowing the shepherd’s voice,” and what that means for us, as people to whom God is still speaking. How can we know when we are hearing God’s “voice”? How do we respond to those messages?

For their creative response activity, the children will write a poem, song, or story, about the things that God says to them.

Blessings and well-wishes, to the children and adults of the Park community, as ever!
Rev. Francesca Fortunato: Children’s Minister