Building Up, Reaching Out

Building Up, Reaching Out: Campaign for The Park

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A $5 million campaign to transform ourselves into a fuller, richer community center, a place for our neighbors to feel at home.  Our vision is a progressive Christian community with doors open wide. We are a Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and a United Church of Christ congregation. At The Park we strive to be a refuge of radical welcome. To walk through our doors is to be accepted, to be understood as created in the image of God, to feel safe and secure in the embrace of a community—and yet, a refuge is not an end unto itself.

Feeling secure allows us to experience God’s love, a sacred purpose indeed, but it also allows us to find the courage we need to leave our refuge, serve those in need through welcoming them into sharing our vision of progressive Christianity.

We are an old congregation—the oldest Disciples of Christ congregation in the U.S. or Canada—making a new start, creating a moment of new life and transformation.  We can see that the new start has been successful, as our sanctuary teems with life, and now is the time to build in ways that support it. Spaces will be flexible, so that they can evolve with our community, and with the wider community of justice-seekers to whom we open our doors.

Capital Campaign Resources:

    • Read the Case here, that includes architectural renderings and artist representations of the new spaces.

Walk-Through Animations, created by JGArchitects PLLC:

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