An update from Rev. Francesca Fortunato, Children and Youth Ministry Leader

March 24th,2018 Categories: Latest News

On March 18th, the Sunday school children at The Park read Jeremiah 31: 31-34. We talked about what it means to be both a good leader, and a good person (and how all of us have opportunities to lead, if only by example, no matter what our age or station in life). In response , the children made posters using words which, for them, were the essence of being a good person and good leader (Helpfulness, Caring; Responsibility). We decorated the space outside the children’s ministry area door, with these posters, so that other members of the church would be able to see them.

This Sunday, March 25th, is Palm Sunday, and children who are present will have the opportunity to be part of the procession at the start of the liturgy, and the recessional at the end. We will, of course, read the Palm Sunday story [Matthew 21:1-11] and will respond by doing dramatic play around the story, acting the roles of Jesus, the disciples, and the people in the crowd. We will talk about ways to welcome Jesus into our lives and our hearts today.

A couple of notes for parents and other adults who bring children to The Park Sunday School. Children are to be checked in with Stephanie Wilson in the sanctuary, on her iPad, when they come in. When they are picked up, they will sign out on paper, in the children’s ministry space. This is a temporary change of procedure, due to the difficulty of connecting to WiFi in the children’s ministry space, and you will be kept informed of any changes, going forward.

Also, the children will have opportunities, in the future, to be involved in the liturgies, and it would be helpful if their adults would discuss the possibilities with them. These include being part of the procession, as they will be invited to do on Palm Sunday, helping to bring up the offerings, and, for those who like to read aloud (in Spanish or English) doing some of the readings in the service. Please bear in mind that these are opportunities; not obligations. We want children to feel welcome, truly a part of the community, and find joy in church.